The protection you need if you own acreage

If you own or lease agricultural property used for farming, ranching or recreation, a Germania Farm Liability Policy will protect your assets from claims and bodily injury and property damage to others.

It will also pay attorney’s fees and other legal expenses incurred in your defense.


A few examples of what the FLP policy and its optional endorsements cover:

• Worldwide coverage. That means you’re protected from covered liability that occurs anywhere in the world.

• Showing of livestock.

• Custom Farming. If you conduct custom farming operations for others, contact your Germania agent for advice on adding the Custom Farming endorsement to your policy.

• Selling farm products you produce from a roadside stand on your farm property. Additional coverage is available for roadside stands located off your farm premises.

• Renting or leasing your property to others for recreational activities, including hunting or fishing. Contact your Germania agent to discuss covering this exposure by adding the Recreational Land Use endorsement to your policy.